Extended Migration Profile of Transnistria

We invite you to read the first and so far the only edition of the Extended Migration Profile of Transnistria. This is the first experience in creating the migration profile of a territory with an undetermined international-legal status.

The EMP is a statistical report prepared in accordance with a standard template that, in a structured manner, combines the existing information from various sources related to the record - keeping of different aspects of migration and its trends. Indicators related to migration and information about the policies in different areas that, directly or indirectly, relate to migration have been considered. In addition, an attempt has been made to analyse the influence of migration on the social-economic development of Transnistria and the welfare of its population, which plays an important role in contributing to the development of relevant policies.

The Profile is made up of four informative and analytical parts: Part А – Migration Trends; Part В –Influence of Migration; Part С – Migration Management Mechanism; and Part D –Conclusions and Recommendations.

Consequently, the Extended Migration Profile of Transnistria must contribute to a general understanding of the migration situation in Transnistria.

This publication is also available in Romanian and Russian.