Mainstreaming Migration into Development Planning, A handbook for policy-makers and practitioners

This handbook responds to the gap between talk and action, acting as a step-by-step guide for policymakers, giving practical meaning to the concept of Migration and Development. The handbook is primarily concerned with international migration, and with national development processes and instruments in developing countries. The primary target audiences for this handbook are those interested in or responsible for facilitating a strategy for integrating migration into development planning processes of developing countries.

This will include national government officials from different departments (e.g., ministries of labour, migration, and health), local and regional authorities, and the officials from international, regional and national organizations who are supporting this process (including United Nations agencies, intergovernmental agencies, donors, private sector, civil society and academia).

The background information and resources included in this handbook can also be used for more general teaching and learning on migration and development issues by other stakeholders. The handbook does not prescribe a uniform policy or programme, but rather provides guidance, ideas and suggestions so coun­tries can tailor-make an approach useful in their own context.