Moldovan children in the diaspora will learn Romanian by a Government approved programme

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Over 100,000 Moldovan children live in the diaspora and the number increases every year. Moldovan economic emigrants take their children along to their countries of destination and fully integrate them into the hosting society. While it is an opportunity for the families, it also interrupts the children’s relationship with their extended families, their community and culture. They often stop speaking their native language.

To tackle this, IOM the Un Migration Agency launched today a set of educational materials for the communities that teach Romanian language for Moldovan citizens in the diaspora. A textbook, a guide for teachers and a curriculum were developed and distributed to the Moldovan diaspora.

“In Trento, there are many communities of foreigners and emigrants. But not one of them can proudly say that they have an educational product developed specifically for them”, said Viorica Ciubotaru, intercultural mediator at Cinformi, Trento, Italy.

The educational books and guides were developed together with the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture of the Republic of Moldova, Diaspora Relations Bureau and linguistic experts from the National Association of European Trainers from Moldova.  In the summer of 2017, the Ministry of Education approved the curriculum, which makes this a first of its kind product not only for Moldovan diaspora but also for the Romanian-speaking diaspora abroad.

“By approving this curriculum, the Ministry of education sends a clear message to the Moldovan diaspora – if they are to return to their homeland, their children will be able to reintegrate easier into the Moldovan society because they will be able to speak good Romanian”, said Mr. Ghenadie Cretu, Migration and Development Programme Coordinator.

Additional 2000 workbooks and Romanian literature books were distributed to 14 educational centres in Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Canada.

The educational set was published thanks to the “Enhancing the development of Moldova through engagement with diaspora-homeland partnerships” project, which is funded by the IOM Development Fund and implemented by IOM Moldova in partnership with the Diaspora Relations Bureau with the support of the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture of the Republic of Moldova.

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