Diaspora Excellence Groups – a new Diaspora Engagement Hub sub-programme

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017
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Chisianu – Today, 2 May 2017, the IOM Mission to Moldova and the Diaspora Relations Bureau launched the Diaspora Excellence Groups (GED) - a new sub-program of the Diaspora Engagement Hub. This pilot governmental program is for citizens of the Republic of Moldova who have been resident for at least two years abroad and are highly qualified experts who wish to cooperate with representatives of governmental institutions on five priority areas: social, economic, environment/ecology/rural development, justice, civil society.

Excellence Groups’ leaders will be selected following a competition of CVs and draft policy proposals for the five priority areas. Each group will consist of two leaders – Moldovan experts from abroad, who will develop and present together with representatives of the governmental institutions (Prime Minister's counselors) initiatives/policy proposals by August 2017. Policy proposals developed by the Excellence Groups will be presented during Diaspora Days 2017.

The Republic of Moldova has citizens established abroad who have valuable experience in various fields, expertise and knowledge. They can help boost the development of the public and private sector in the country through advice, recommendations and initiatives to improve services, knowledge transfer, creativity and innovation from diaspora members” said Olga Coptu, BRD Head.

Antonio Polosa, Head of the IOM Mission to the Republic of Moldova said: "Diaspora has an enormous potential to contribute to the development of the Republic of Moldova. Many Moldovans managed to graduate from world-renowned universities and make an enviable career in prestigious institutions abroad. We cordially invite them to join our program, which is a rare opportunity to contribute to the reforms implemented in Moldova. It is a chance to cooperate with high-level officials in the Prime Minister's Office to positively influence the country's development through the know-how of the diaspora. We know you care, and we look forward to see you at home!"

All interested in being part of the GED are asked to send by e-mail diaspora.excellence@gov.md  by 23 May 2017, the participation dossier must enclose a CV and a public policy proposal. More details about the program, the conditions for participation in the contest and the selection criteria are available here.

The IOM Fund will financially support the work of the Diaspora Excellence Groups according to the working agendas drawn up by selected diaspora experts and the Prime Minister's advisors. Selected leaders will work pro bono.

The results of this pilot program will serve as a basis for extending the new mechanisms of active diaspora's contribution to the Republic of Moldova, but also for absorbing the advanced expertise/ technologies by the public institutions necessary to reform.