Migration Management Gaps Analysis

The “Strengthening Migration Management and Cooperation on Readmission in Eastern Europe” (MIGRECO) Project, financed by EU, aims at improving migration management by carrying out a study focused on identifying and analyzing the exiting gaps in the respective area. The study performed within the project covered the analyses of: (i) migration flows and existing challenges in migration area; (ii) migration policies and relevant legislation; (iii) compatibility of the RM legislation with the EU standards and of some existing inconsistences; (iv) activities of the main public authorities with direct or related competences in migration management area, as well as the level of cooperation among them; (v) international cooperation in migration area; (vi) cooperation with civil society. To achieve all these objectives, a complex methodological approach was used, covering the analysis of secondary data (statistics, national and international legislation, analytical and scientific studies and reports of public institutions, EU institutions and other international organizations), as well as primary data (individual in-depth interviews with the representatives of public institutions, national and international experts). The recommendations of the study mainly focus on enhancing the cooperation between the institutions with direct duties in the area of migration management and integrated border management, combatting irregular migration, as well as filling in the regulatory gaps. It is necessary to build the capacities of the authorities with a mandate in the area of foreigners’ integration, prevention and combating irregular migration, and cross-border crime. In spite of the implementation deficiencies revealed by the study, the normative and institutional framework on migration management and integrated border management is permanently adjusted to the new challenges and identified needs. Hence, the experience of the RM may be analyzed as a good practice to be followed by other countries participating in the Eastern Partnership and shared together with the lessons learned, including the positive aspects and the identified gaps – a fact confirmed by the European Commission reports on enforcement by the RM of the Action Plan on Visa Liberalization.