IOM Mission to Moldova

The IOM Mission in Moldova opened in 2001, whereas Moldova officially became an IOM Member State in 2003. The Mission’s main commitment follows the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.

Being the leading international organization in the migration sphere, according to mutual agreements between IOM and the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the IOM Moldova Mission acts with its partners in the international community within mainly the following four areas:

  • Migration & Development
  • Prevention and Protection (Counter-Trafficking)
  • Migration Management
  • Facilitated Migration

The first three of the above listed themes also make up the departments in the structural organization of the IOM Moldova mission, while 'Facilitated Migration' is run by the Operations department. The Mission also runs a department which deals with finance and administration. Furthermore, IOM Moldova is responsible for providing the EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) with administrative and logistical support. EUBAM is fully funded by the European Commission. In total approximately 40 staff are employed at IOM Mission to Moldova.

The figure below shows the structure and hierarchy of the IOM Mission to Moldova.

About the IOM Moldova Chief of Mission

  Antonio Polosa, was born in Catania 2 April 1960 and is an Italian national. He holds a University Degree in Political Sciences and is an International  Relations and Organizations specialist.

 Before joining IOM in 1993, he served for two years as Assistant Program Officer with UNHCR Mozambique (Maputo 1989-1991). In March 1993, he  joined IOM Mozambique as Head of the Provincial Sub-Office in Nampula during the UN Demobilization Operations. Over 16,000 former combatants (plus their families) were demobilized and assisted in their local reintegration.

 In April 1995, he was then promoted to Head of Office (and successively Chief of Mission) of IOM Accra Mission in Ghana, coordinating the    transfer/return of highly qualified human resources (over 250); major resettlement movements of some 12-15,000 refugees at subregional level to  mainly the USA, Canada and Australia and migration technical cooperation support to local authorities.  From February 2005 to December 2011, he  served as Chief of Mission at IOM Mission to Norway in Oslo, coordinating and supervising several Return and Reintegration program activities  (AVRR) from Norway to Africa and Middle East (over 10,000 assisted beneficiaries) as well as supervising coordination of IOM logistic support to the  Norway Refugee Quota (over 6,000 beneficiaries).

 Since January 2012, he is the appointed IOM Chief of Mission to Moldova, based in the capital Chisinau.