Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC)

IOM Mission to Moldova facilitates the submission of applications for Canadian temporary residence visas and permits, and permanent resident travel documents by performing pre-consular services through Canada Visa Application Centre in partnership with VFS Global.

Visa Application Centre Operation includes the following key activities:


  • IOM distributes information on relevant requirements as published by the Canadian Embassy, including application forms, fees and methods of payment, civic and web site addresses of the Embassy etc.

Package handling

  • Receive completed application forms, supporting documents, passports and proof of payment of the Canadian visa/permit/travel document application processing fees; 
  • Review received documents for completeness and inform clients of documentary or other requirements that appear to be lacking;
  • Forward in sealed packages all the applications, proof of fee payment and all additional supporting documents submitted by the client directly to the Embassy;
  • Return sealed packages containing the final decision to the clients.

Recording, tracking and compliance

  • Maintain records of all applications and associated proof of fee payment and records of passport movement, in a form and manner approved by the Canadian Embassy and in accordance with the Local Operating Procedures;
  • Ensure strict compliance with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Security Requirements, Service Standards and Statement of Work.


To contact the Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC), please find the contact details here. (link to „contact us”) 





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